snow foam cannon

In the past ten years a lot has changed when it comes to washing a car or truck. The days of grabbing the mop bucket, filling it with watered down dawn and swabbing the vehicle with a old tattered rag are long gone. The wash process has been refined to reduce wash time and create a flawless, shiny finish. With each passing month consumers are bombarded with new or updated car wash supplies that promise to be better than the last. While there are some duplicate products on the market there are plenty of new, useful items. One of the biggest game changers for car wash  community has been the foam cannon and its attention grabbing operation. This single tool alone has made washing big diesels a much more manageable process.

Type Of Foam Cannon To Buy: Cheap or $$$

As previously mentioned there have been many duplicate products on the market which makes picking one quite the chore. The same is true when it comes to foam cannons as the market is full of options.There are very cheap options as well as fairly expensive but the question to ask is which one is the best.

When it comes to the foam cannons available the biggest determining factor would be craftsmanship. Many of the lower cost foam cannons on the market have been notorious for leaks, poor foam and cheap materials. Now for someone that would use a cannon once or twice than these cheap options might be fine. The cheap options will go for $15 to $20.

Next up on the foam cannon range would be the reasonably priced options. The cannons in this range are of professional quality and very durable. The majority of the people using these foam cannons report thick foam, years of use and upgradable parts. The price range for these cannons are in the $35 to $50 range. Although these are products used by professionals they are not the latest or newest technology.

At the upper price range for foam cannons we find a number of options. The options in this range consist of the latest foam cannon technology and brand price manipulation. The versions using the latest technology feature cannons that are very refined, use premium materials and ultra reliable. These cannons do not typically create more or better foam but do feature top tier craftsmanship. The second part of the higher priced cannon range is the ones that have been price boosted. These are often mid range priced foam cannons that have been slapped with a sticker from a detailing product company. From user experience they have not performed any better than lesser priced options.

What Should You Buy For Your Diesel Truck?

Now that the understanding of foam cannon pricing has been broken down we can give our personal opinion. Being around the automotive community we have experienced a fair share of foam cannons. The best way to look at these cannons is to visualize theme as tools. If you understand the importance of investing in a quality tool once opposed to investing in a cheap tool five or six times then you know where we are headed. If you can swing the money for the latest tech foam cannon than that would be our number one pick. But our overall recommendation would have to be the reasonably priced option as it is a affordable, quality unit.

How To Use A Foam Cannon

The great thing about the foam cannon is its ability to speed up the truck washing process. Applying the soap with the cannon allows for the soap to saturate the dirt and grime that is attached to the paint. By this application process the dirt has loosened and is removed with little effort. The added benefit to this process is limiting the chances of paint marring from paint contaminants.

Step one in using the foam cannon would have to make sure you are well prepared. Below is a checklist of items you would need to properly use a cannon.

  1. Foam Cannon – Available Here(Our Recommendation)
  2. Pressure Washer – Available Here(Our Recommendation)
  3. Foaming Soap – Available Here(Our Recommendation)
  4. Wash Mitt – Available Here(Our Recommendation)
  5. Wash Buckets – Our favorites are the ones from Lowe’s

Now that you have all the necessary items the next step would be to prepare to wash. The preparation is fairly simple: fill your wash buckets with water only adding soap to one bucket, add soap to your foam cannon, attach water to pressure washer, pre rinse truck with water and connect foam cannon to pressure washer.

  • Proceed to use the foam cannon working in sections from bottom to top allowing the foam to run down as you move around the truck.
  • Once the entire truck has been coated with the snow like foam the next step would be using the wash mitt.
  • Dunk the wash mitt into the soapy water and work one panel at a time.
  • After each panel rinse wash pad in bucket with no soap and re dunk into the soapy water.
  • Follow this process until the entire truck has been cleaned.
  • Spray truck down with clean water afterwards

Is A Foam Cannon Worth It?

I know that this question will arise especially after going over the wash process. At first glance it might seem like a chore to go through these steps but it really isn’t. Your first time going through this process may take a little longer than expected but after that it should be a breeze.

At the end of the day this should reduce time washing your truck, remove dirt more efficiently and make for a more enjoyable process. I must admit that there is something mesmerizing about applying the foam. If you have any questions about foaming your truck hit us up on Instagram!