kory willis l5p tuning

When the word “tuning” is anywhere close to the engine code L5P the diesel community starts holding their breath. Since the release of the 2017 Duramax L5P Diesel, enthusiast have awaited the option to custom tune these engines. Fast forward a couple years and L5P owners are still waiting for custom ECM tuning. With a lot of speculation on whether these engines would ever receive custom tuning, that was cleared up by tuning specialist Kory Willis. Kory owns PPEI, a performance tuning company that has been a go to source for diesel tuning. After listening to The Diesel Podcast it seems that Kory Willis L5P tuning isn’t far off.

The Diesel Podcast: Tuning New Diesels

Check out The Diesel Podcast video below where Kory discusses what’s to come from the L5P Duramax. The video is set to play right when they start discussing the L5P

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Thoughts On The L5P Tuning Discussion

As someone that’s just as eager as the next diesel enthusiast I ended up listening to this podcast about three times. I wanted to get a better understanding of exactly what has been the hold up with L5P tuning.

With the custom tuning we have seen in the past it has been installed/flashed via OBDII. With the new ECM’s on the L5P Duramax’s rumors had spread that the ECM’s had been secured with unbreakable coding. In the video Kory assures that the L5P is tunable but suggest there might be an alternate route.

My thoughts on what Kory was saying is that the tuning process will not be what it once was. There will be a licensing access(given directly from GM) to those looking to create tuning, OBDII readers and diagnostic equipment. This licensing will be very expensive which will weed out a majority of lower level tuners.l5p duramax tuningThis licensing access will also be very unique in the way it tracks licensees to make sure they are staying within guidelines. These guidelines are being set in place by GM(Dodge and Ford will follow) to ensure that licensees stay EPA compliant. It seems that the EPA is placing more responsibility on auto manufacturers to prevent emission component removal. If a licensee goes outside of the guidelines then GM will be notified, license will be revoked and a fine will follow. We will likely be seeing the end of “deleting” emissions as we once knew and seeing tuned trucks tuned with all emissions intact.

We also might not see ECM reflash tuning at all and possibly an alternative solution. A solution like this would possibly attach into the wiring harness and feature an additional computer. This would be a module like we’ve seen from Edge for pre emission Duramax’s.

Take these thoughts for what they are, just what I pulled from the interview with Kory. The main thing I am happy to hear is that tuning WILL be available and its just a matter of time before its rolled out.